Consultancy, design work, information support in the construction of the data center (DC), server room to house telecommunications and computing equipment engineering systems.

data centers, server rooms, rooms for nodes and communications.

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means a series of data center engineering systems necessary to maintain the required level of reliability and availability of installed it computing and telecommunications equipment.

server room - a place in the building construction to house the server, computer and telecommunications equipment, providing the necessary conditions for the level and quality of power supply systems, conditioning, physical and technical protection, quality links and communications.

Data center (data-centers, data center - data processing center) specialize in storage, information processing, as well as providing customers with channels for Internet access or data transfer. Their main task - the creation of a secure and safe space, where the company at any time be able to access their data, inaccessible to outsiders.

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Corporate are deployed and used by a specific organization to solve its own problems, such as accommodation units or IT system for data backup. As a rule, their creation requires large cost associated with the need to serve all of the resources on their own, that is, in fact, the company has to deal with a non-core IT business.

Sales are designed to serve as the telecommunications companies developing hosting services, and organizations, businesses wishing to use the services of outsourcing. On the basis of these data center hosted services on placement of information resources of Russian and foreign companies, corporations and agencies. Haley moved behind the butler trying a long corridor, with interest looking around and not to open her mouth in surprise. hefty us that the amount in there. They hate black hatred, Evard our home support them. Faced with the stragglers, the Sonderkommando, who scoured the forest and did not have a history of the concept of a naked and took the frightened girls for savages. And rightly so, because the character - that of all things. They not celebrated nine days for her son. If - hard help. Lina came near me with Alice and took us by the hand. Tiduel got on all fours on the slightly swaying, scrambled a couple and meter springboard. There was dead silence. We shot in a gun it was only two out of every slugs guards. But is it not possible to change? And not all of this could end if Roy Erde ran nose-to-on with Inger from Fern. Eltor smiled. Members of the public can establish or rent a server and stored on large amounts of data available only to the owner, to offer their employees and customers to the postal service, get highly qualified support ongoing IT projects. Usually such offers its customers the ability to connect to the communication channels of the main operator as well as key points of peering.

Why all this?
Because the construction of the server room is a complex problem, not amateurish, which requires knowledge in many areas of modern technology.

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